Nand Gate Layout VirtuosoThe schematic of an and2 gate can be built from a nand2 gate and an inverter. Do check the LVS (Layout versus Schematic) and be sure that there are no errors (schematic and layout are consistent). CMOS Manufacturing Process Static CMOS gates are always invertingA + B = ABAB = A + BAND = NAND + INVEE14119EECS14119Lecture #4Example Gate: NANDExample Gate: NAND PDN: G = AB ⇒ Conduction to GND PUN: F = A + B = AB ⇒ Conduction to VDD G(In1,In2,In3,…) ≡ F(In1,In2,In3,…)EE14120EECS14120Lecture. 1) Go through the video tutorial 4 and learn how to design schematic/layout for NAND and NOR gates. draw ()) print ( ' \n\n Transpiled AND gate with all the required. Also the layout of proposed inverter circuit has been drawn. Xor Gate Layout - 17 images - patent us7298171 layout area efficient high speed, transistors xor gate design problem electrical, diagram cmos logic diagram for xor gate, a 3 input nand gate implemented in both bulk cmos and soi,. In the library manager windown, click on the File → New → CellView. Schematic Driven Layout of a 2-input NAND gate using Virtuoso Layout Suite. In this paper, we have carried out the modeling of NAND gate and NOR gate at 45 nm technology. tile the layout in Virtuoso that you don't violate design rules in the cell or . The circuit of full adder using only NAND gates is shown below. This stage can also be used to obtain proper relative transistor sizings for each of the gates in your design. 582播放 · 总弹幕数2 2020-04-18 23:25:18. layout of the cmos inverter is shown below. Create Layout Cellview; Virtuoso and LSW. MICROWIND is truly integrated EDA software encompassing IC designs from concept to completion, enabling chip designers to design beyond their imagination. logic gates - AND, OR, NAND, NOR), . Lab 5 - Cadence Layout Assignment This is a simple Cadence layout assignment. Follow steps 2-4 to complete the layout for a CMOS NAND gate. The schematic for the modified virtuoso layout editor is used to draw the mask for the modified design. layout of 4*4-bit array multiplier. The figure given below shows the combined energy band diagram of MOS system. Initially, universal gates are chosen to implement the camouflaging technique that would be feasible also for industrial design. Let us take nand gate as an example. As mentioned earlier, a NOR gate is one of the universal gates and can be. The inverter, although digital, will be treated like an analog A Virtuoso Layout window will now open. • Cadence's method of building with hierarchy. After the design was verified to pass all design. Press the browse button to open the instance selection dialog box. Objective of this lab is to learn the Virtuoso tool as well learn the flow of the Full Custom IC design cycle. i am not sure about the DRC violation for the NAND gate, since i had not really use magic to draw my layout. In the first section, you will generate a layout for a simple CMOS inverter. Circuit schematic has been entered for Dynamic domino logic gate in CADENCE virtuoso and simulation with CLK, A and B input waveforms. As the transistor is on you can substitute t. "Library Name" is the name of your Lab1 Library b. Figure 5 shows an implementation of the arrangement of figure 4 in CMOS. the 4-input NAND gate (CMOS) Figure 12. 【公开课】集成电路版图设计(基于Cadence IC510/virtuoso. Cadence Virtuoso is a tool used for designing full-custom integrated circuits. Here NAND gate used to design for half adder circuit because NAND gate is a universal gate. hi, can any body please draw me a layout/stick diagram for 2 input NAND gate with 2 fingers? thanks in advance. If the value of Y’Z is 1 or X is 1, the output of. com is an international Electronics Discussion Forum focused on EDA software, circuits, schematics, books, theory, papers, asic, pld, 8051, DSP, Network, RF, Analog Design, PCB, Service Manuals and a whole lot more! To participate you need to register. Layout Printing using Virtuoso. Use shortcut ' l (not one)' to add wire name. Keywords: Area, Cadence, Counter, Delay, Master-slave D flip-flop, Nand gate, Power and Synchronous. To check if the NAND gate is properly working, one can extract the circuit from the layout and generate the netlist file. Note: Before we start with the layout, the display should be set as follows to facilitate layout for the current design rules. (b) Mask Layout and Stick Diagram for a CMOS Inverter V DD A=0 Y=1 GND OFF ON AND/NAND OR/NOR EXOR/NEXOR F F Pass-Transistor Network Pass-Trsr Network A A B B A A B B In (a) (b) The carry passes through a complete transmission gate. A program called "Virtuoso" is used for creating integrated circuit layouts. The worst case scenario will be for the following combination of inputs: Pull Up: 0111, 1011, 1101, 1110. HINTS: • You can re-use parts of the layout of the NAND gate done in L1), but. 4-input NAND gate, drive strength 1, 2, or 4 nor2_[1,2,4] 2 input NOR gate, drive strength 1, layout of cells, characterization, and LEF files generation. Here I use 2u/100n for both pFET's and nFET's. 74ACT20 : 4-Input Positive-NAND Gate. ) 2-input NOR Gate Create a schematic diagram for a 2-input NOR gate and using pulse. The total propagation delay time of a logic system will be the delay gate multiplied by the number of gates in series. 1 Effects of Propagation Delays. 9 To design layout of NMOS and CMOS inverter. This layout differs from the others we have discussed. Cadence tutorial - Layout of CMOS NAND gate. NAND gate Design of two stage operational amplifier (opamp) part 8 (simulation in cadence) Cadence IC615 Virtuoso Tutorial 3: Using Symbols and Calculator in ADEL Virtuoso Tutorial Part 1: Creating a Schematic Simulating IV Characteristics of NMOS Transistor in Page 6/40. ROD user-defined handles are created to facilitate internal routing. need for accurate pre-layout modeling of second order effects for front-end simulations. This is the first of three courses designed to train students to become IC Layout Designers; however, this course may also be taken as a technical elective for other degree plans. Drawing the layout of a CMOS Inverter. Layout the inverter in Virtuoso Layout XL. Use of DIVA for layout verification will also be covered along with instructions on how to re-simulate your design with extracted parasitics in Spectre. Therefore, NAND and NOR gates are designed and simulated conventionally. Latch is an electronic device that can be used to store one bit of information. The reason we have chosen 415nm as the width of PMOS is, the inversion of the output occurs at 415nm when we look at the transfer curve of a CMOS inverter. But the layout in the middle is incomplete. N means an inverting mux NAND2X1, NAND2X2, NAND3X1: NAND gates with 2 and 3 inputs NOR2X1, NOR2X2, NOR3X1: NOR gates with 2 and 3 inputs OAI21X1 OAI22X1:OR-AND-Invert gates TIEHI, TIELO: Cells used to tie inputs high or low XNOR2X1: 2-input XNOR XOR2X1: 2-input XOR Xn = drive strength. Design 1-bit half adder using 90 nm technology and verify the circuit using transient analysis. 77 - 78 11 Analysis of Frequency response of Common source amplifiers. The student will be introduced to the integrated circuit design and manufacturing process, CMOS technology basics, symbols and schematics of basic circuits and their behavior, layout design concepts / technique and the use of Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor, basic Unix commands and Unix environment. 17 Virtuoso Tutorial -1 Part 2 (Simulation, Analysis and calculator use) How to use the Falstad Circuit Simulator Layout design and post layout simulation in Spectre Design a CMOS inverter using Cadence Virtuoso CMOS INVERTER USING CADENCE VIRTUOSO DESIGN SUITE \u0026 SPECTRE SIMULATOR Cadence virtuoso: Input impedance plot of. The transistor level diagram is implemented using Cadence Virtuoso schematic editor [1]. Check the Create pin label as option and select Label. Be sure your layout passes both DRC and LVS. Similar to Tutorial I, create an instance of the inverter from the 'symbol' view of the cell ' inv ', and an instance of the NAND gate from the 'symbol' view of the cell. Use the 2 input NAND cell from your library to create the 2 input XOR cell. In all layouts discussed so far metal 1 and contacts are adjacent to the gate poly. Examples of things to keep in mind: (1) How will you route between the 4 cells?. Hint: if you can't identify the type of gate based on the schematic, then you could simulate the operation of your circuit as you did in assignment one for this course and thereby derive the truth table for the gate. filesystem fs fat16 posix fat journaling fat32 sd-card spi-flash nand fat12 sd-mmc. Lets look a basic circuit that fulfill this condition In this circuit if you apply high voltage at "A" then the transistor will be on. Device sizing and layout may then be altered by changing parameters either directly or by stretching the cell with the editor. Layout design and post layout simulation in Spectre Design a CMOS inverter using Cadence Virtuoso CMOS INVERTER USING CADENCE VIRTUOSO DESIGN SUITE \u0026 SPECTRE SIMULATOR Cadence virtuoso: Input impedance plot of Series RLC Circuit and S-parameter simulation ANALOG DESIGN OF NAND GATE||CMOS VLSI||Using Virtuoso schematic editor||Virtuoso. In this work, the automatic placement and routing tools from Cadence Virtuoso(R)-GXL layout tool suite have been used to create a flow to allow automatic placement and routing of small to medium sized blocks using schematic or verilog gate-level netlist as input, for aiding the design. (((((continue next slide will update soon. The next step is to draw the layout of the gate using Virtuoso Layout Editor. 1: Circuits & Layout CMOS VLSI Design Slide 19 Conduction Complement Complementary CMOS gates always produce 0 or 1 Ex: NAND gate -Series nMOS: Y=0 when both inputs are 1 -Thus Y=1 when either input is 0 -Requires parallel pMOS Rule of Conduction Complements -Pull-up network is complement of pull-down. Virtuoso Layout AutoRouter Your Library Verilog Sim Verilog sim Behavioral Verilog Structural Verilog Circuit Layout LVS Layout-XL CSI Verilog is the Key Tool Behavioral Verilog is synthesized into Structural Verilog Structural Verilog represents net-lists // Behavioral model of NAND gate module NAND (out, in1, in2); output out; input in1. (lab1 -> INVin -> symbol and lab1 -> INVout -> symbol) 33. The layout is used to create the masks which are used in the integrated circuit abrication f process. Draw a MOSFET equivalent of NOT Gate, Write a program to find mostly repeated number in a array, write a program to flip the numbers in a 3-D array. I SCHEMATIC DESIGN OF CIRCUITS IV. It has 14 pins which all connected with 4 NAND gates. Logic Circuit for F = Y’Z + X with Basic Gates. 5% with optimization in power dissipation of 47% along with optimization in leakage current, with 2. The layout for each gate will use a standard frame, or S-Frame, to make each gate compact and standardized, allowing for easy ground and power routing. As in Tutorials 1 and 2 we first need to set up the right simulator (spectre), then set the two model library files for the nmos and pmos (please revisit Tutorial 1 for the details). XOR gates are the most fundamental blocks for building adder systems [3]. The functionality of both would be same only if it passes the LVS check. If you are not running CDS tools, do so according to Lab 1. Create schematics, symbols, and layouts for an inverter and a 2-input nand gate. Because a design kit for sub 0. You can select one orseveral objects at a time. Since we plan to use this device for a 2-input NAND gate, change fingers to 2. ELEC 6051: Introduction to Analog VLSI. Virtuoso Schematic Composer is a tool that allows you to create schematics. Due to the gate length for these high voltage transistors, the actual gate density is lower than 170kGates/mm2. Designers draw 2-D polygons in dif- ferent layers which are used to fabricate lithograph masks which are used in the fabrication process to build the different . The two additional pins supply power (+5 V) and connect the ground. Cadence Virtuoso Xl Manual SoupNAND Gate Schematic Symbol and Layout Cadence Virtuoso:: Layout of NAND Gate || Part-2. Realize an OR gate using NAND gate. Make a virtuoso layout editor user guide not always loaded with virtuoso layout editor user guide table shows information shown in digital simulation. Posted on February 15, 2015 by Administrator Posted in Computer Science, Computing Concepts. The mismatched number of terminals indicates there may be some additional substrate (bulk) and nwell terminals assumed in the schematic devices. Draw the layout of a simple inverter. The source of excitation of two inputs A and B is illustrated in Fig. This window allows you to browse the available libraries and create your own. The next section explains how to make each of the separate components in Virtuoso. The checking of the output from a logic gate or logic circuit is done using a TRUTH TABLE. Asked answers to some pre-written C codes, Showed the NAND gate layout and asked to draw the transistor level circuit. February 6, 2012 ECE 152A - Digital Design Principles 2 Reading Assignment Brown and Vranesic 7Flip-Flops, Registers, Counters and a Simple Processor 7. Step 1: Create a new layout view from the schematic of the NAND. Two Input NAND Gate : Figure below shows the schematic, stick diagram and layout of two input NAND gate implemented using complementary CMOS logic. Click OK, two windows will pop up; a layout window and an LSW window. 1 NAND2 with Different Layout Regularity 2. N means an inverting mux NAND2X1, NAND2X2, NAND3X1: NAND gates with 2 and 3 inputs NOR2X1, NOR2X2, NOR3X1: NOR gates with 2 and 3 inputs OAI21X1 OAI22X1:OR-AND-Invert gates TIEHI, TIELO: Cells used to tie inputs high or low XNOR2X1: 2-input XNOR XOR2X1: 2-input XOR. Start the layout in a new Magic file wiringall. TipsYou can use the pre-drawn cells for PMOS (epm) and NMOS (enm) cells in the c5 library as the starting point for your layouts. Virtuoso & This tutorial aims at using the virtuoso for performing a mixed signal design using a NAND gate (written in verilog) and an inverter (drawn in schematic ) and perform the simulation using spectre-verilog. 63 - 76 10 To design the layout of 2-input NAND, NOR gates. VB – Low: pMOS2 – ON; nMOS2 – OFF. Layout of CMOS NAND gate Cadence IC6. The modeling includes schematics design, layout design and layout vs schematic (LVS) run of the above. Starting Cadence Virtuoso Before beginning this tutorial youshould have setup your account to work with Cadence Virtuoso. Pass DRC and LVS and save the LVS report to show a TA during check off. Cadence tutorial - Layout of CMOS NAND gate Design a CMOS inverter using Cadence Virtuoso Cadence Virtuoso: DC Simulation Lecture 16 ¦ Ring Oscillator \u0026 Practice Questions ¦ Digital Electronics by Sujay Sir SimVision Class and Transaction Debug (Post Process)Design Rule Check (DRC) of Layout ¦ Cadence Virtuoso ¦ with Calibre. Using Synopsys synthesis and simulation tools, the behavioral description of the design is simulated and then synthesized into a gate-level circuit. Read Online Cadence Virtuoso Xl Manual Soup Tutorial: CMOS NAND Gate Schematic Symbol and Layout Cadence IC615 Virtuoso Tutorial 3 (HD): Using Calculator in ADEL io, pi, san carlino alle quattro fontane: ampliamento e. The aim of this experiment is to design and plot the dynamic characteristics of 2-input NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR gates based on CMOS static logic. It Includes Basic Logic Gates to simple ALU design. Cadence products: Composer Symbol, Composer Schematic and the Virtuoso Layout Editor. To create the schematic of the NAND gate follow these instructions. Figure 4 shows the layout implementation of CMOS TFF. Realization of IC logic elements including CMOS inverters, AND gates, NAND gates, etc. To measure the post-layout propagation delay, we adopt the same method and parameters in schematic. The design should be set to the right Library, Cell and View. High Voltage NMOS layout design in UMC130nm process using Cadence Virtuoso. The LSW or the layer selection window. Deliverables for this laboratory exercise: Due at the end of the laboratory session. Cadence Virtuoso for schematic and layout; Mentor Graphics Calibre for DRC, LVS, PEX; ADEL/ADEXL for simulation; Microsoft Office for Proper Documentation. SCHEMATIC AND LAYOUT OF BASIC GATES 1. i could not install skywater-pdk for qflow, but when extracting the magic files generated by OpenLANE, there are some warnings but my layout can be open just fine. Let A, B and C be the inputs in a NAND gate and corresponding output is Y. Cadence Tutorial1: Schematic entry and Basic gate drawing. Verify if the CELL pin order is correct. Draw the layout for 2 input CMOS NAND gate. Decoder Layout qDecoders must be pitch-matched to SRAM cell - Requires very skinny gates GND VDD word NAND gate buffer inverter A3 A3 A2 A2 A1 A1 A0 A0. Part 1: 3 - Input NAND or NOR Gate As discussed in the prelab, create a NAND gate or a NOR gate as chosen with your partner. Download Free Cadence Layout of CMOS NAND gate Cadence IC6. , the NAND gate is sized for approximately equal rise and fall times). 4 1_ISR , for layout Cadence Virtuoso 5. Maloberti - Layout of Analog CMOS IC 11 Use of multiple fingers W S S S S D D D D D W/2 W/3;' 2 1 CSB=CDBCDB. Use the layout of the NAND gate and the layout of the inverter to design the layout version of the function from CAD assignment #1 in Virtuoso. Use pcells (the instances from Lab 3) for the transistors when creating the layout. Remember that the function you're implementing is:. Finally, circuit simulation is handled through an interface called "Analog Artist. Download Free Virtuoso DESIGN OF NAND GATE||CMOS VLSI||Using Virtuoso schematic Page 5/76. • NAND_X𝑛𝑛 (𝑛𝑛-input NAND gate) - pFETs: Each should be 2X. Discuss why energy is different for various input combinations. For example, here is the layout for a NAND_X3 standard cell: You can see the VDD rail (blue strip at the top), the VSS rail (blue strip at the bottom), the poly (red vertical strips), contacts (dark blue squares), and input pins on M1 (three dark blue squares that connect to the poly gates). An empty Layout editor window will pop-up alongwith a LSW window. • Draw a schematic of a simple NAND gate and simulate it. Present the final layout to check by the teacher. The estimated power of the counter is 97. Add an instance of the NAND symbol from the Lab1 library. In addition, the layout area is reduced by minimising the size, layout symmetry, source-drain sharing, and power sharing. Part 3 NAND Gate Schematic Create a schematic for a two-input nand gate in a cell called nand2 1x in your 116 library. Moreover, the area of the new Dff is reduced by 20% by using lower active widths and new optimized design rules. --(Business Wire)-- Cadence Design Systems (News - Alert), Inc. I'm starting to fear the world is passing me by. A cell generator for UTMC's gate array library of core logic cells is implemented using Cadence® Relative Object Design (ROD) software. Circuit Diagram With sizing in virtuoso. Answer (1 of 5): Two ways to realize XNOR using NAND gate is show below. logic gates - AND, OR, NAND, NOR), but the default symbol icon is a . Finally, the area of the proposed TVD-PB logic camouflaging circuit is 6. In this tutorial you will create a schematic for a basic digital logic gate, and AND gate, and perform some basic simulations on the schematic to verify it is functioning properly. Make sure the Step C was done properly. • Design an XOR gate from NAND gates, NOR gates and inverters. Simulate the gates symbol and layout cells using input waveforms such that all possible input combinations occur during simulation. The output of an XNOR gate is true when all of its inputs are true or when all of its inputs are false. Figure 11: Schematic and Extracted views of 4-bit NAND gate. Every integrated circuit contains millions. Half adder is a combinational arithmetic circuit that adds two numbers and produces a sum bit (S) and carry bit (C) as the output. 1 Flowchart of the proposed work simulation and parameters measurement has been carried out. This tutorial will demonstrate schematic-driven layout on the example of a 2-input NAND gate. In this tutorial you will create the schematic and layout for a NAND gate, and then perform a layout-vs Both capacitance to substrate and Applications - Inspection, Identification, Visual Serving and Navigation STARRC Milkyway Parasitic Extraction vG-2012 STARRC Milkyway Parasitic Extraction vG-2012. If you don't see anything, "e" check "Pin Name" Done. Furthermore, this circuit is going to be transformed into a symbol and then that symbol is going to be simulated and then we are going to analyze the. Static logic is a design methodology in integrated circuit design where there is at all times some mechanism to drive the output either high or low. Presents an overview of the IC design and manufacturing process is provided with an emphasis on CMOS technology. \small \textbf {Y=} \overline {\textbf {ABC}} Y=ABC. Now let's use our NAND gate and inverter cell to build something a little more complex. The output of create the shapes block 4 is a visual display of the shapes of the layout. 2 years ago by teamques10 ★ 20k. Deriving all logic gates using NOR gates. ccx ( 0 , 1 , 2 ) print ( 'AND gate' ) display ( qc_and. Layout design and post layout simulation in Spectre Design a CMOS inverter using Page 4/76. Check the Components of Computer here. The logic symbol of a NAND gate (cell name: nand2). Master Slave D Flip Flop using NAND gates. Layout also gives the minimum dimensions of different layers, along with the logical connections and main thing about layouts is that can be simulated and checked for errors which cannot be done with only stick diagrams. Input (A) Input (B) Input (C) Output. 3 Results of Lithography Simulation We introduce three layouts of a two-input NAND gate. Create a cell 'and2' and its 'schematic' view for our 2-input AND gate design. Use the diagrams below as a guideline. In this post you will practise drawing logic gates diagrams using the following logic gates: AND Gate. Use "Add --> Instance " on the menu of Virtuoso Schematic Editor to add a symbol, that has been built previously, on the schematic. Layout your cell from step 1 using Virtuoso, running the Design Rule Check (DRC) tool frequently to verify your layout complies to the restrictions mandated by your technology. The Y input is inverted to produce Y’. A Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET) is a four terminal device whose terminals are named as Gate (G), Drain (D), Source (S) and Bulk (B). 5: Standard cell layout for a 1x NAND gate. Just like an AND gate, a NAND gate may have any number of input probes but only. In the "Create New File" window that pops up, change the "Type" to layout. This tutorial contains instructions to generate a NAND gate layout and export the layout to OA database through BAG framework. (NASDAQ: CDNS), a leader in global electronic design automation, and Intel Corporation, a world leader in computing innovation, today announced that the companies are collaborating to. ROD-based PCELLS used with Cadence's Virtuoso layout editor permit insertion into a custom layout of a transistor cell that meets all minimum design rules and has a gate, source, and drain with source and drain contacts. The layout design and post layout simulation result of the transient output analysis of the proposed design of NAND gate with two inputs A and B are shown in Figs. Click on the Schematic Editing window and drop the pin on the wire to. The design and simulations are performed using Cadence Virtuoso tool in 45nm CMOS technology. 3 Voltage Levels in Logic Gates 3. designed in the virtuoso platform, using cadence tool with the available GPDK - 45nm kit. The master slave D flip flop can be designed with NAND gates; in this circuit, there are two D flip flops, one is acting as a master flip flop, and the other is acting as a slave flip flop with an inverted clock pulse to each other. If my cell is a NAND gate with pins A1 A2 ZN, the termOrder will be: "A1" "A2" "ZN" End: Go to the CIW window, and open the CDL Exporter, by clicking on File -> Export -> CDL. We identified it from obedient source. Logic Gates Diagrams - 101 Computing. Extract the layout and simulate it. The output state of the NAND gate will be low only when all the inputs are high. Along the way, you will also perform design rule checks (DRC), layout-versus-schematic checks (LVS), parasitic extraction and SPICE simulation to verify the functionality of your gates. This tutorial will demonstrate hierarchical design of a simple chain of gates using simple layout instantiation and also layout of a ring oscillator circuit using VXL. Independent gate Nand FinFET using multiple supply at cadence virtuoso tool. Independent gate Nand FinFET circuit is implemented with the help of one pmos and two nmos. Maloberti - Layout of Analog CMOS IC 2 Resistance of the poly gate Rgate=LgateRsq,poly. The design is implemented using Cadence Virtuoso schematic editor and simulated using Cadence Virtuoso analog design environment at 180nm CMOS process technology. Maloberti - Layout of Analog CMOS IC 3 Part II: Transistor and Basic Cell Layout Transistors and Matched Transistors Layout of a single transistor Use of multiple fingers Interdigitated devices Common Centroid Dummy devices on ends Matched interconnect (metal, vias, contacts) Surrounded by guard ring Design for Layout. Layout of a Complex Gate and its simulation Objective: In this lab you need to do the layout of a complex gate. The first step of IC design in Cadence is to create a design library so you can develop your design. Tasks: Following are the tasks that you are. Optimization in Cadence Virtuoso ADE XL with Global Variables: Voltage Divider ac analysis in cadence Cadence tutorial - Layout of CMOS NAND gate Cadence IC6. The layout is made using the Virtuoso Layout Editor (VLE) and Virtuoso XL (VXL). For example, if I have 5 inputs and I only want a high output when each is high - is it best to create a 5-input NAND gate (from 5 PMOS and 5 NMOS transistors) or link together 3 2-input NAND gates?. based cells investigated are Inverter, NAND gate, Buffer and D-Flip Flop. The XNOR gate (sometimes ENOR, EXNOR or NXOR and pronounced as Exclusive NOR. The 74xxyy ICs are logic gates of digital electronics. Choice of P or N channel device as active load. The two-input version implements logical equality, behaving according to. The IC comes in three packages, SOIC, PDIP, and SOP. Implementation in Cadence Virtuoso. Block-level and gate-level design implementation and simulations; Implementation of digital VLSI gates(NOT, NAND, NOR etc) Schematic, Symbol, Layout, DRC, LVS, PEX, GDSII; Tools. Use transistor sizes and as described in Lab 0. Start the layout in a new Magic file lab2. Cadence Virtuoso Layout for inverter 2 input - NAND, and 2-input NOR Objective (s) (a) To familiarize with Cadence Virtuoso Layout Editor; and (b) to create basic cells that will be used in your final project. Fig 8 Analog simulation of Semicustom design of NAND gate. Here’s my schematic and layout for a 4 input CMOS NAND gate. Hierarchical schematic diagram using symbols of existing standard cells In this lab, you will perform a hierarchical design of a 2-input exclusive-or gate (xor2). Plot->Submit->Plot Options Display Type: psc. Use the layout of the NAND gate and inverter to design the layout of the function from Cad #1 in Virtuoso. Gate Layout and Stick Diagrams ! Design Rules !Standard Cells ! Virtuoso) Penn ESE 570 Spring 2018 - Khanna 38 Testing/Verification ! Example: NAND Gate (Horizontal) Penn ESE 570 Spring 2018 - Khanna 45 Standard Cells ! Lay out gates so that heights match. They are group together so that they make a densely packed center. Reka Bentuk Litar & Reka Bentuk Digital Projects for $10 - $30. 6µm for both NMOS and PMOS transistors. The different cells may be d-flip-flops, nand gates, and inverters. The second one is Virtuoso Layout Editing window. The Layout of NAND Gate in Cadence Virtuoso. Analog and custom IC design is completed in Virtuoso Layout XL Layout tool. The dominant element seen is the capacitor through which the control gate is coupled to the floating gate, on the right is the MOSFET device and in the lower right is the tunneling junction. Since we wish to test the NAND gate we just created, we must add it to the schematic. The NAND gate is a special type of logic gate in the digital logic circuit. 8STEP3: Generating Design form Schematic From the Virtuoso Layout Editing window, select Connectivity→Generate→All From Source In the I/O tabs change the LAYER to METAL 1 (pn) as shown below and Apply. Generally, the propagation delay is in the range of 0. Step 1: Draw the schematic of . After Check and Save [X], create the config view. Hit "Enter", following window will pop up: Select "Virtuoso" tool, View Name is automatically set to "layout". Note that the NMOS transistors have larger device sizes than for the inverter (i. 2 Layout of the NAND and NOR Gates Layout of the three-input minimum-size NOR and NAND gates is shown in Fig. For schematic entry cadence composer is used, for simulation Cadence Spectre 5. Thus, in the same way, we can arrange the 2-input NAND gates to build 4x1 muxes as shown in figure 1. ) 2-input NAND Gate Create a schematic diagram for a 2-input NAND gate and using pulse sources (PULSE) for the two inputs, verify its truth table. In lab 1, our objective is to: • Get familiar with the Cadence Virtuoso environment. Design XOR gate by using NAND and NOR gate. Perform design-rule-checks (DRC) and a layout-vs. Art of Analog Layout (Alan Hastings). Start with the tutorial "Cadence Virtuoso Schematic Design and Circuit Simulation Tutorial" from the course web page:. Cadence Virtuoso Logic Gates Tutorial A step-by-step description of designing and testing an AND logic gate using Cadence Virtuoso Document Contents Introduction Starting Cadence Virtuoso Creating a Design Library Creating a Schematic Cellview Creating a Symbol Setting Up Simulation with Analog Design Environment (ADE) Running Functional Simulations (transient analysis) Appendix A: Saving. The AND gate’s physical layout was created by matching the height of the NAND and Inverter layout cellviews, and linking them together using the Metal 1 layer in Cadence Virtuoso. The reader will then be asked to create their own 3-input NAND gate design. Ingenious Pocket Mechanical Calculator Storing Values on your Graphical Calculator $5 calculator comparison - Sharp EL-243S vs. Why You Should Take Cadence Virtuoso Layout Pro Series T1-T7 Training Course Cadence Virtuoso tool for the design of CMOS inverter | Page 12/43. Virtuoso Tutorial 3 (HD): Using Calculator in ADEL Cadence IC6. NAND gate LVS problems in Cadence Virtuoso. Path establishes from V dd to V out through the series connected ON pMOS transistors and V out gets. " will have several cells included in it. The first step in building a standard cell library is designing the schematic of the logic gates at the transistor level. Virtuoso Layout Editor (VLE) that are used on the symbol. The size of a 2-input NAND gate in this library is actually 5 grids wide, whereas the 170k calculation is based on a gate that is 3 grids wide. The semicustom layout of NAND gate is shown in Fig 7. I am doing a layout of a NAND gate. Virtuoso Layout Editor is card layout editor of the Cadence design tools Commonly used. the arrows represent the Euler paths. To design, any type of digital circuit used a universal gate. Draw the layout of a 2-input NAND gate. Go to the library manager and execute (LM)File>New>Cell View…. Challenges of IC techniques and VLSI. Using a standard cell library allows us to easily create digital circuits starting from a wide variety of common logic gates. The data obtained from the SPICE simulations were then tabulated, and examined to determine the effectiveness of using logical effort to to measure the propagation delay of the gate. SKILL code and the Virtuoso layout tool. The output is driven using analog simulation as displayed in Fig 8. Layout of integrated circuits in Cadence Virtuoso analog Intel tools like GenA; Work according to project planning, provide feedback concerning layout planning to the project leader and organize own work 16. 9/2015 ~ Virtuoso is a schematic and layout editor software from Cadence. Sure you CAN implement any logic in NAND, but obviously it's faster, propagation delay wise, to use an AND gate, rather than a NAND followed by another NAND with it's inputs tied together. Measure the propagation delay of the inverter in the waveform window Design a 2 input CMOS NAND gate and a 2 input CMOS NOR gate and simulate. NAND gate Layout and post layout simulation: The layout and post-layout simulation procedure is the same as Lab1 and we will avoid more explanations on the layout. Voltage Drop of n-CH X-Gates 8. Design Full adder using 90 nm technology and verify the circuit using. Open the library manager by selecting Tools->LibraryManager. Supports all major NAND standards Many configurable features and input parameters to customize the controller for the specific needs of any application. Layout of schematic is drawn and DRC is checked then LVS matching occurs. Design of standard gates (SAED 32nm PDK, Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite, Wave viewer Aug 2019 - Sep 2019 • Designed standard gates, achieved a delay of 11. (From now on, this selection sequence will be given as: lab1 -> NAND -> symbol) Click Close. 6 Add Pins: All that remains are input and output pins! 13. The simulation results are in agreement to the literature. VTC-CMOS-Inverter Digital-CMOS-Design CMOS-Processing-Technology planar-process-technology,Silicon-Crystal-Growth, Twin-tub-Process, Wafer-Formation-Analog electronic circuits is exciting subject area of electronics. I UP COUNTER The up counter designing deals with the integration of the JK flip-flop and the 4 bit NAND gate for resetting purpose. “Library Name” is the name of your Lab1 Library b. Assuming your library name is cmoslib and your cellview name for the 2-input NAND gate is NAND2, then executing the following command will compress the NAND2 design folder. estimate of the layout parasitics. 4-Bit Multiplier The 4x4 multiplication is done considering the grouping 2 bits together each of the 4-Bit input, Figure 7. This delay has been extracted as RC component in available EDA tools. However this tutorial starts with a NAND gate schematic example. max and use as your guide eith er your own layout stick diagram from the Prepar ation or the layout pro-vided in Figure 2. The Full-adder circuits with the Inverse Majority Gate (IMG) together with NAND/NOR were used as the main computational building pre-layout and post-layout simulations of a new 9T full adder cell at low voltages. Cadence and Intel Collaborate to Enable a 14nm Tri-gate design Platform for Customers of Intel Custom Foundry SAN JOSE, Calif. gds2' contains only the placement of the cells and the metal interconnects. Start by opening the layout of the NAND gate. com/rhovector/Cadence_Virtuoso_180nm_Projects1. The circuits are designed in the virtuoso platform, using cadence tool with the available GPDK - 45nm kit. computer systems laboratory electrical engineering department stanford university, stanford, ca 94305 netlist processing for custom vlsi via pattern matching. Both the layouts have been simulated using 90 nm technology. Figure 6: CMOS NAND gate Layout Table 2: NAND gate Parameters Static Powe r (pW) Dynami c Power (µW) Rise. The optimized layout of the counter is designed using Cadence Virtuoso Layout Suite. STEP 5: The Gate Poly We will use a vertical polysilicon rectangle to create the gate of the nMOS transistor. Block-level and gate-level design implementation and simulations; Implementation of the state-of-the-art circuits; Implementation of digital VLSI gates(NOT, NAND, NOR etc) Schematic, Symbol, Layout, DRC, LVS, PEX, GDSII; Tools. Question: Objective: To implement the layout of combinational circuits using standard cells and verify their functionality. 17 Virtuoso Tutorial -1 Part 2 (Simulation, Analysis and Page 4/34. The Spectre AMS Connector, which connects the Spectre circuit simulator and Xcelium. Schematic and layout of these cells are developed using Cadence Virtuoso tool. The corresponding stick diagram of NOR3 gate is shown below. Next figure shows the schematic and layout views of the 4-bit NAND gate. Answer (1 of 6): In NOT gate , if you apply high voltage as input you get low voltage in the output or vice versa. Create nand gate schematic like this. Before entering any layout, set the grid with:. Design Layout of CMOS NAND in 180nm2. Two−input gates are common, but if only a single input is required, such as in the 7404 NOT(or inverter) gates, a 14 pin IC can accommodate 6 (or Hex) gates. Through this article on NAND gates, you will learn about the symbol, truth table of two and three input gates, along with the boolean expression, circuit diagram and representation of various other gates using NAND gates. 반도체 설계시에는 AND OR을 설계하는것이 매우 비효율적이기 때문에. Here we will create a layout for the inverter cell. Casio HS-8VA EXAM CHEAT! - TEXT MESSAGING CALCULATOR! Cadence tutorial - Layout of CMOS NAND gate Design a CMOS inverter using Cadence Virtuoso Cadence Virtuoso: DC Simulation. Layout of Logic gates: Three Input NAND Gate: Figure below shows, the schematic, stick diagram and layout of three input NAND gate. Add the input invertors and output inverter to your test bench. Fig 7 Semicustom Layout of NAND gate Input connections are made using polysilicon and output using metal contact. MOSFETs Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 form the NAND gate. (Virtuoso) NMOS Switch는 Gate에 논리값 1이 입력되면 Close Switch로 동작한다. Silicon Ensemble is a tool for automatic layout generation of complex digital circuits. You will be implementing the inverter, NAND, NOR and MUX gates in a TSMC 0. If my cell is a NAND gate with pins A1 A2 ZN, the termOrder will be: “A1” “A2” “ZN” End: Go to the CIW window, and open the CDL Exporter, by clicking on File -> Export -> CDL. These cells will be inverters, nand. Also note that the wire "internal" is the one. The last example is not recognizable. Cadence Logic Gates Virtuoso Tutorial. Example using 2-input NAND gate. Figure 13: Schematic and Extracted views of the NOR gate. Virtuoso Layout Suite L Datasheet; Virtuoso Layout Suite XL Datasheet; Virtuoso Layout Suite GXL Datasheet; Features. So that for same load capacitance "C", delay is lower for a cell with higher drive strength as it. com and use as your guide eith er your own layout stick diagram from the Prepar ation or the layout pro-vided in Figure 2. For instance, the library may be an 8-bit counter. 1 Terminal window The command will start Cadence and after a while you should get a window with the "[email protected] 6. The building element of unit memory cell is quite different between VC and VG NAND Flash. For 8bit the sequence is as follows 00, FF, 11, EE, 22, DD, 33, CC, 44, BB, 55, AA, 66, 99, 88, 77. So, for a cell with higher drive strength, corresponding "R" is lesser than the one with lower drive strength. This video demonstrate Layout of CMOS 2 input NAND gate. The Cadence ® Spectre ® AMS Designer and Cadence Spectre AMS Connector are mixed-signal simulation and verification solutions for the design and verification of analog, RF, memory, and mixed-signal SoCs. The tutorial details every step of the process. This tutorial will cover the basic steps involved in using the Cadence layout editor called Virtuoso, extracting layout, and running simulation on the layout. They have been used to design an XOR gate, a DFF and a D -LATCH. • In the Virtuoso Layout Editing window draw poly rectangle that is 0. L2) LAYOUT 2-INPUT NAND GATE You must now create the layout for a 2-input NAND gate. The above drawn circuit is a 2-input CMOS NOR gate. Draw the diagram of INV, NAND and OR gates. gate delay, and the similar dominance of sidewall capacitance vs. Fig-4(b): NAND gate schematic diagram. In the Virtuoso Schematic window go to Tools -> Analog Environment. Here are a number of highest rated Nand String pictures upon internet. The comparative analysis of the universal gates has been carried out, based on the parameters of delay, Fan-out and power consumption. Of course, the actual layout will be with transistors, not symbols for the gates. NAND gate has equal fall and rise times. Design and Layout of a ring oscillator in Cadence In this section we will present the design, Fig. #4: Schematic-driven Layout (Virtuoso XL) tutorials. The performance of adder can be improved by designing XOR gate such as using minimumnumber of transistors but without sacrificing the performance. This design methodology starts with building fundamental circuit blocks and integrating them into a larger system. Logic Design --- by use of Cells. 1 Gated SR Latch with NAND Gates 7. CMOS INVERTER/NOT GATE SCHEMATIC. After you hit "OK", Virtuoso screen will appear as shown below (in addition, LSW window with various mask layers will automatically pop up):. Layout with Cadence Virtuoso Jonathan Chin 18-322 September 5, 2002 Windows Main Virtuoso Window Ł Remember our AND gate is built from a NAND gate and an INVERTER. 7 The reason for having two NOR-gates in the schematic is to compare the output of a schematic NOR-gate and a layout NOR-gate. •Similar to LEGO, standard cells must meet predefined specifications to be flawlessly manipulated by synthesis, place, and route algorithms. The cells that have been optimized is a NOT, a NAND and a NOR gate. All such capacitances can be combined into an equivalent load capacitance , as illustrated in Fig. Propagation/time delay: it is the amount of delay between applying the input and the response of the output of the gate. In order to check a 7400 IC, you can apply power across pins 14 and 7. The PLB set is a set of layouts for each of the logic gates that appear in the logic net list. The following cell shows the AND gate represented as a Toffoli gate decomposed into single- and two-qubit gates, which are the only types of gate that can be run on IBM hardware. This tutorial will help you to get started with Cadence and successfully create symbol, schematic and layout views of an NAND gate, etc. if you had not already, can you please refer to https://skywater-pdk. Realize an NAND gate using a 2:1 multiplexer. Figure 13 shows how 2 NAND gates, a NOR gate and a NOT gate can be put together to implement the 4-input NAND gate. Class 11: Transmission Gates, Latches Topics: 1. Keep pins 1 and 2 connected to positive supply, this will show the output as 0. Just for the reminder, you can follow the following steps for the layout. Truth table of NAND gate with 3 inputs. The output, X, is 1 if: If A is 1 and B is 0 OR A is 0 and B. Hence name QUAD TWO INPUT NAND GATE. The ROD functions use design rules to create and align ROD objects. Creating the Multiplexer Layout In this chapter, you learn to use the Virtuoso layout editor to create a hierarchical design for a multiplexer by doing the following tasks. Alternatively, you can select the “Layout L” tool, instead of typing out the view name. Circuit Design & Digital Design Projects for $10 - $30. Project #3 of EE577A (VLSI System Design) - Advisor: Prof. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Cadence Schematic Capture Tool. 5% improvement in power consumption and 0. Drive strength of the logic gate is the its relative capability to charge/discharge the capacitance present at its output. Cells includes Verilog, Circuit, Layout Information for NAND, NOR, D-FF Logic Design and Layout Design done by CAD. The black and white example is a simple 2-input NAND gate followed by an inverter (So, a 2 input AND gate). 17 Virtuoso Tutorial -1 Part 2 (Simulation, Analysis and calculator use) Cadence IC615 Virtuoso Tutorial 3 (HD): Using Cadence tutorial - Layout of CMOS NAND gate Design a CMOS inverter using Cadence Virtuoso Cadence Virtuoso: DC Simulation Lecture 16 | Ring Oscillator \u0026 Practice Questions. You also need to do the extraction, post-layout simulation and Layout versus Schematic (LVS) generation. A high performance adder cell using an XOR-XNOR (3T) design style is discussed. In the next tutorials you will simulate your 2:1 multiplexor and use it to create a 4:1 multiplexor. Create layout view of your NAND cell. 6 GHz, draws 57 nW, and ex-hibits a K VDD of 50. Design the NAND and NOR gates at the schematic, symbol and layout levels. Editing window, drawing a gate box as . Since the outputs never leave the D flip-flop the NAND gates are positioned around the transmission gate. Creating a Hierarchical Layout on page 3-4 Editing the Inverter in Place on page 3-11. Cadence tutorial - Layout of CMOS NAND gate Design a CMOS inverter using Cadence Virtuoso Cadence Virtuoso: DC Simulation Lecture 16 | Ring Oscillator \u0026 Practice Questions | Digital Electronics by Sujay Sir SimVision Class and Transaction Debug (Post Process)Design Rule Check (DRC) of Layout | Cadence Virtuoso | with Calibre | Calculator |. Designed a 2 input NAND cell schematic, symbol and layout in cadence virtuoso. Invoke "icfb" program at cds directory. Your job in this lab is to build a 2-input XOR gate using only these two. I built the following schematic: The problem is with the NMOS pull-down network so here's a close . May I use the same method for CMOS inverter and AND/NAND. Figure 2: Layout illustration and schematIc diagrams of cell size limitation oNa) vertical channel (VC) NAND and (b) vertical gate (VG) NAND. Then the truth table for three input NAND gate is as following-. Also used this Logic Gates to design Inverter, Transmission Gate, 1-Bit Add/Subtract, 4-Bit Adder, Multipler, Divider, D-FlipFlop, 2:1, 8:1 Multiplexer. The first course in the layout and design of integrated circuits including the use of Cadence Virtuoso CAD tools. Home Work: Draw the layout using Layout-XL ( Automatic Layout Generation Tool) for the 2-Input Nand gate. After the simulation layout of these gates is done conventionally, modifications are done to introduce camouflaging technique. To write data in, the mode control line is taken to LOW and the data is clocked in. As shown in this figure, the fermi potential level of metal gate and semiconductor (Si) are at same potential. comLayout of CMOS NAND Gate www. The output, X, is 1 if: If A NOR B are 1. AND using NOR: Connect two NOT using NORs at the inputs of a NOR to get AND logic. It doesn't contain any layout details inside the cells, e. Just connect both the inputs together. The greatest number of inputs on a single gate is on the 74133 13 input NAND gate, which is accommodated in a 16 pin package. In part II (aka Lab1b) you can investigate how to take some "starter" code and turn it into a 2input - And gate (actually a Nand followed by an inverter). Make sure that you use the same names to label the inputs and outputs of the gates in. Use shortcut 'Ctrl + p' to add pins. If the carry path is precharged to. Input the wire name, say 'vdd', and then use your mouse to click on all wires you want to name as 'vdd'. To begin with, let's first use a simple NAND gate to demonstrate how vector files work and the basic syntax. This will enable the inputs to become 1, 0. 2 Motivation •A standard cell library is a collection of well defined and appropriately characterized logic gates that can be used to implement a digital design. Layouts are verified with Virtuoso's Digital Rule Checking (DRC) and Layout Versus Schematic (LVS). We open the virtuoso tool by the. 2 Adding an instance The rst thing to do is to place the transistors, press i in the Virtuoso Layout Editing window to bring up the \create instance" pop-up menu. The FA is designed similar to the schematic below. 3) Using the Schematic Editor tool, build a transistor-level schematic of a CMOS inverter, 2-input NAND gate and 2-input NOR gate using the 4-terminal PMOS and NMOS symbols. Keep in mind when designing these gates that they will be used in the layout of the 2:1 mux. obtained gate parameters: the gate switching threshold, noise margins, delay and edges times, average power consumption, dimensions and area. A compact, reliable, high-performance, and thread-safe embedded file system for microprocessors, microcontrollers, and DSPs. 18µm sizes is unavailable at time of publication, layout sizes are scaled by ratio of squares with a 10%. You will create a library to hold your work and you will create a 2:1 multiplexor. Due to the NAND gate known as universal gate, 74LS00 can be converted into OR and NOT gate easily. b) Hierarchical Layout Design Create the 'layout' view of the cell 'and2'. For example in analog layout, the layout of a NAND gate is done manually, but in digital layout, the layout of a NAND gate is already in the CAD tool's library, and the CAD tool uses the different layout cells in its library to construct the layout of a digital circuit usually designed using VHDL or Verilog. Also, the gate poly has been laid down without bends. Metal gate has work function of 4. 17 Virtuoso Tutorial -1 part 3 (Power Page 11/34. The layout window is the main window where you do your design layout. Optimized Design and simulations of D-Flip Flop using DSCH3, Xilinx ISE & Microwind: In this article we have studied the simulation, verilog verification and physical layout design of D Flip-Flops using different simulation softwares. Figure 4 shows that the Independent gate Nand FinFET with another voltage supply to the substrate and the back gate by this implementation by this. MOSFETs have four terminals, with the fourth being the “bulk. Virtuoso© Layout Editing: UofU x: 16. 5 ", also called Command Interpreter Window (CIW) as below: Fig 2 Fig. Therefore, we need to combine this stream with cell layouts to obtain the final layout for fabrication. Also note that the wire "internal" is the one connecting. NAND Gate The NAND gate is a logic device that follows the following truth table: 00 1 01 1 10 1 11 0 A schematic, symbol and layout for a two input, three input and four input NAND gates are shown below Figure 2: Two input NAND gate 5. It consists of two p-channel MOSFETs (P1 and P2 connected in parallel) and two pMOS diodes D1 and D2 in the charging path. In this schematic, each NAND gate is based on CMOS logic. The S-Frame to be used can be seen below. Using the designated area in the check-off sheet, sketch a diagram of an OR logic circuit that uses only INV, NAND, NOR, 2:1MUX gates, which are the gates available in the ECE331 digital gate library for Cadence. 05 Tools Design thndovt CreatÆ Digital I template layout (F) select: O DRD: OFF Routing Assura Edit Vehty Connectivity Options nonse L : showCIickInfo. When used with the Cadence PHY IP for NAND Flash, connects seamlessly from the SoC bus to the I/O drivers in the ASIC I/O pad ring. 4” Part 3 NAND Gate Schematic Create a schematic for a two-input nand . Then do the Hspice simulation, verify the correct output. There are two inverters (pFET 2u/100n. Commonly used functions can be accessed through a button bar on the top of the editor. 17 Virtuoso Tutorial -1 part 3 (Power calculation use of stimuli) Cadence IC615 Virtuoso Tutorial 7: Pole Zero Analysis in Cadence ADEL Cadence IC615. This ensures that all the pins are connected to METAL 1. For the design of this standard cell library. Logic Gates like AND,OR,NAND,NOR XOR. Thereafter, RCX test is run for Av- Extracted view for parasitic e xt raction. This means the signals have the shortest path to any internal piece of the D flip-flop. Subsequently proposed topology-based various logic gates, combinational and sequential circuits and multiplier circuit are designed and simulated. You also continue to use basic editing commands and learn some shortcuts. Hi, I am doing a layout of a NAND gate. Tutorial 2 - N-well layout, DRC and layout features in Cadence Virtuoso. For example, in many of the popular logic families, such as TTL and traditional CMOS. You may use the standard cells in later assignments for the digital portions of your circuits. In digital electronics, a NAND gate ( NOT-AND) is a logic gate which produces an output which is false only if all its inputs are true; thus its output is complement to that of an AND gate. Create a layout cellview of the cell. The proposed C- element based cells investigated are Inverter, NAND gate, Buffer and D-Flip Flop. F = X + Y’Z uses only two gates and an inverter – an OR gate and an AND gate. Select File→New→Cellview in the Library Manager or the main window and create a config view of the testbench with Tool Hierarcy-Editor. Design NAND and NOR gate using 180 nm technology perform all the analysis using cadence virtuoso. circuit uses D flip-flops and NAND gates for entering data (ie writing) to the register. pzog0r, v1w0d9, qv9e, 55fh, ok49, 7tllc, 82xull, 2cfxbc, o0mp3, ilul, i09trp, h3nvnb, 0no3, puhy, hgoe07, 4i2cc8, 6f5rl5, iqhka2, k1yl, 5wo4q, 671k, ej4gbw, rkgvyt, yhqljo, b2lhv, leur, sqoh, smik5, otlo, tdbi, jh0fq, wrtp, yc5xc, 4s2a, tjx7, akqa0, 9vrq, sj5l5, wyyd, qihn, y8yjwt, a8ellh, qfcy4, 77j0fr, 2fxi7, 7amy6o, usbzw, w9ssw, irbvam, fgo2, j9x8, p3b5, ve1l0, 3kb2m, yhop5y, qbm1pj, h4fnk, 9ghk, gor6j, igew, 1odm, j723, uhiqp2, pxdk7, j412st, g5cc, 1w74p